About the Wall pieces

The hangings usually consist of 3-6 panels, hung so the panels overlap. Each panel of the hanging is polychromatic screen-printed silk, which is stiffened and then areas of the background are cut away. The silk panels may look delicate, but they are very strong. The silk is stiffened for strength, to prevent raveling, and for ease of cleaning. Each panel attaches with Velcro to a U-shaped clear acrylic mounting included with the purchase of the work. The mountings attach to the wall with clear pushpins or small nails. The panels and mountings are correspondingly numbered. Start by hanging the middle panel - mounting it in the center of the wall space you have allowed for the hanging. Arrange in the suggested positioning (instructions come with piece) or try your own arrangement.

Wall hanging does not need to be framed to protect panels. Detach panel from mounting by pulling on corner of panel while holding mounting against wall. Use a dry or damp cloth to gently remove the dust. Reattach to mounting.

Use a warm iron set for synthetics to iron panel flat. (Caution: if the iron is too hot, the fabric may discolor and turn yellow.)

The price for the small three-panel hangings starts at $400 and for the larger pieces $500 retail. The six panel hangings are $700. Special orders can be negotiated.