Joy Stocksdale Fabric Artist

Joy Stocksdale Fabric ArtistJoy Stocksdale Fabric Artist

Polychromatic Screen Printing One-Day Workshop

Paint Once Get Many, July 18, 2020, Saturday 9:30 am-4:30 pm $80 includes some materials

  An excellent workshop for painters, monoprinters, watercolorists, textile artists, screen printer, or anyone interested in obtaining multiples from one painted image on paper or fabric. Why labor over one painting when you can paint once and get multiples. The innovative process of polychromatic screen printing results in a limited edition from the original painted screen — with no color registration. Similar to an extended monoprint process that produces 5-8 prints from a single painted image. Students complete one print session. No solvents used. For all levels of ability. Five students only.

To register for the workshop; send $80 check made out to Joy Stocksdale. Send to: Joy Stocksdale, 919 Midpine Way, Sebastopol, CA 95472, 707/829-1756. Full refunds given 7 days before workshop date. No refunds after July 11.

Bio: Joy Stocksdale received a BFA from California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, CA. As a result of studies at Goldsmith’s College, University of London in 1979, she developed polychromatic screen printing. Her printed silk garments, hangings, and quilts have been exhibited throughout the US. She has taught workshops at craft schools, guilds, and conferences. She is the author of an instructional book on her process, Polychromatic Screen Printing, revised in 2018.

Material List: You can print on either paper or fabric or try a few prints on fabric and a few prints on paper.

SUPPLIES PARTICIPANTS BRING (Class fee includes the rest of the materials you will need):

—3 large plastic garbage bags if printing on fabric.

 —Tight fitting rubber gloves

—Marking pen that washes out of fabric, optional. 

—Fabric- and paper-cutting scissors

—Masking tape 3/4" or wider 

 —An apron or old shirt to protect clothing.

—Tjanting needle, large hole, optional.     

—Reference books and drawings for design ideas. 

—Small to large Japanese bamboo paint brushes or round soft watercolor brushes.

—Printing on fabric: fabrics with no finishes (washing will NOT remove the finish from store bought fabrics). Unbleached muslin (washed 3-4 times and ironed) and silks are the only store bought fabrics with no finishes. Fabrics of cotton, linen, rayon, and silk from print fabric suppliers are OK. Medium to heavy weight fabric with little or no texture only, white or light pastel colors. You need at least 1 1/2 yards all together of one or several types of fabric (no piece smaller that 20" square). Fabric is for sale in the workshop (not covered in class fee) or can be ordered from Testfabrics,, 570/603-0432; Dharma Trading Co., 800/542-5227; Jacquard, 800/442-0455.

—Printing on paper: bring heavy weight absorbent papers such as construction, etching, heavy rice paper, 6-8 sheets (The largest size we will print in the class is 20" x 20" You can print smaller if you prefer.)

—Plastic palette for mixing watercolors, plastic egg carton, or plastic ice cube tray.

-- Bring your lunch

Supplies I have on Hand: (materials included in cost)

Fiber Reactive dyes (Cibacron F)  

Wax paper  

Sodium alginate  

Print screens

Soda ash and urea      

Masking tape  


White school glue

Padded print boards     


Fabric for sale   

Vinegar for washing screens

Corn starch        

Paint brushes

Tjanting needles

palettes and water pitcher

Directions to workshop: Go west 1.7 miles on Bloomfield Rd. from Hwy. 116, past first Midpine Way. Continue up hill past Via della Rosa. Turn right between yellow “Stop Ahead” sign and “School Bus Stop Ahead” sign (second Midpine. If you come to Pleasant Hill Rd. stop sign on Bloomfield, you have gone TOO far.) Drive down this little road, not taking splinter lanes and noting that street numbers are out of order. Follow road around to the right, go past a row of white  mailboxes and you will see a grey ranch house #919 on right past a field with blue-green building (studio up upstairs behind building where class is held). Park in field in front of building just off the road or in front of gray house.